What's Unique About the Gender Integrated Approach?

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I offer customized presentations and workshops designed to take your organization to the next level of engagement and collaboration

The GIA also enhances collaborative innovation through practices that help individuals build more robust and flexible skillsets to deal with complex challenges at work. It is based on research done on highly creative people who exhibit an integrated nature, or what the scientific literature calls “psychological androgyny”.  Integration is not to be confused with sexual orientation or gender presentation, but instead is about unlocking the power of our full creative humanity.

 The GIA offers insights and practical tools to move beyond conditioned roles and responses so that each individual can tap into some of the best qualities often associated with the opposite gender. This leads to more productive and innovative employees and organizational cultures.    

The Gender Integrated Approach (GIA) utilizes insights from biology, psychology, and sociolinguistics to show how gender impacts worldviews, language, problem solving, decision-making, and communication in the workplace.

I don’t believe that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, but rather that we are all from Earth.  We have many shared desires, needs for validation, and common goals. The GIA is unique because it does not treat gender characteristics born out of nature and nurture as absolute or unchanging. Instead, it respects the creative friction born out of our differences, while simultaneously anchoring us in shared experience and purpose.

Mission of the Gender Integrated Approach

-To create more inclusive and profitable organizations through enhanced gender and diversity awareness.

-To support a workplace culture that utilizes differences and conflicts of perspective to catalyze innovation  
-To empower individuals of any gender (man, woman, transgender) to maximize their creative potential in the workplace

-To empower organizations with the skills for increasing collaboration, productivity, and workplace satisfaction for their employees regardless of gender

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