Workshops & Training

My workshops are designed to open new lines of communication within and among teams, and enhance cooperation and creativity throughout your organization. We orient discussion around current challenges, and weave in educational content through presentations and practical exercises.

Workshops run from ½ day to 3 days, and are tailored to the unique needs of your organization. I’m continually adding new material to my workshops based on the most up-to-date research.  I precede all workshops with an interview that allows me to design the most appropriate program for your desired goals.

A sample of my workshop topics include:

-Why gender awareness in the workplace matters
-Gender responses to stress and conflict
-Unconscious gender bias
-Common communication and miscommunication patterns between the genders
-Assertiveness and receptiveness training
-Gender integrated skills for enhanced workplace collaboration
-Gender integrated skills for highly creative people
-Gender integrated skills for organizational resiliency
-Building power and confidence through body postures
-Dealing with differences and difficult conversations at work
-Transgender employees in the workplace

Lunch & Learn

Lunchtime sessions are a fun way to give your team an hour of education and inspiration. To ensure minimal disruption, I work with your schedule.

Talks range from 40 – 60 minutes and allow time for participant questions and group engagement.

These sessions also offer your organization a no-obligation way to experience the distinct style of training I offer through the Gender Integrated Approach


Invite me to speak at your organization or event

Topics for Presentation could include:

-Why Gender Awareness Matters for the 21st Century Workplace
-Integrating Samenesss & Difference for a More Inclusive Workplace Culture
-Revisiting the Wage Gap: A More Dynamic Way to Look at a Persistent Problem